If you are looking for an easy way to build up your hair to make it look thicker, perhaps to cover a thinning patch, Caboki is the ideal product to use. Since it is completely natural, it doesn’t harm your existing hair, and it takes mere moments to apply.

However, you can make it even easier to apply hair building fibres if you decide to take this route. While the product can be applied by following the instructions given, you can enhance the results by investing in one or two other items to make the process easier still.

Look at these recommendations to see whether one of them might prove useful for you. The more you can do to make your hair look thicker, healthier, and more attractive, the more confident you’ll feel. And that’s a great feeling to have each day.

Optimise the appearance of your hairline

Hairline Optimizer

When using hair building fibres, you want to attain the most natural-looking result you can. Caboki fibres are negatively charged, which means they easily bond with your own hair, as that is positively charged. But let’s think about this application method for a moment. If you brush your hair, you probably don’t use your fingers. You’ll use a brush or comb to attain the best results.

The same applies when adding Caboki fibres to your hair. The Hairline Optimizer is a comb specifically designed to be used when applying hair building fibres. Instead of using your fingers to try and get them in the best place for your needs, you can use this handy optimiser comb to apply them and shape your hairline for the most natural look. It helps you blend the fibres into your own hair so they look natural and are completely undetectable. Even you will have trouble telling which is which!

Additionally, you’ll find far fewer fibres falling from where you place them while you work to get the results you want. This means your fibres will last far longer as you won’t lose any while going through the usual application method. The teeth of the comb are also designed to prevent continual straight lines going through the fibres, thus creating a natural appearance no one would believe isn’t your real hair.

Making it easier to apply hair building fibres… no matter where you need them

Hair 360 Mirror

If you’re thinning on top or at the front of your hairline, you won’t have too many issues looking in the mirror and applying Caboki fibres to your real hair. However, it is far from easy applying them to a thinning patch towards the rear of your head. Unless you ask a loved one for assistance, you must rely largely on luck to get the job done – and that won’t create the best results.

But if you have been relying on luck up until now, you need not do so any longer. This 360-Degree Mirror is designed to enable you to easily see all parts of your head. It has four sides and extends to nearly half a metre in length when fully extended. You can position the sides as needed to give you the ability to see to the areas where the fibres should be applied. It also means you can put the hair building fibres just where they are wanted and nowhere else, thus saving you from wasting them. That means each pack of fibres will last longer, too.

The other main advantage of this mirror is that it folds down to a compact size you can tuck away in your pocket or bag. So, you’ll always have it with you if you want to check on your application to make sure it looks good. (And since Caboki is easier to apply with the help of this mirror, chances are it will still look good no matter what you do.)

Take good care of your hair

Hair Magic Treasure Root Spray

We all want to look after our hair the best we can. Now, you can rely on the Hair Magic Treasure Root Spray to assist you in looking and feeling your best every day.

This fixing spray uses an all-natural plant formula with the appealing aroma of ginseng. Not only does it help fix your hair in place, it also encourages increased blood circulation in the scalp and encourages hair re-growth. Use this as part of your daily hair routine, and you’ll be taking good care of your hair as well as using Caboki fibres to enhance your hair’s appearance.

If you have never used Caboki before, you now know how to get started in the best possible way. And if you do use these fibres, you can probably see how much better the results will be if you have one or two additional items to help you achieve the best results every time.