Hair loss is a frustrating condition that can do serious damage to your confidence and self esteem. There are plenty of different products on the market today that claim to fight hair loss, preventing further loss and occasionally promoting re-growth. These products can be very expensive and if they do work, it can take some time for result to begin to show. Hair loss fibres can be a great solution for camoflauging bald patches and thinning areas, giving you good coverage and creating a natural, thick looking head of hair.
These products don’t cure baldness, but they conceal thinner areas with tiny fibres that blend with your real hair to fill out your scalp.

There are several different fibre products out there, and it can be difficult to know which to go for. Some are made from natural fibres will others are more artificial, and some give fuller coverage while others have some flaws that may disappoint those hoping to get their confidence back. We’ve compared the top five hair fibre products on the market to help you make the right choice.

Number 1. Caboki

If you’re looking for a truly high quality, premium hair fibre product, Caboki is definitely the best thing available. Caboki solves many of the common problems associated with fibre treatments to create an innovative, outstanding product.

Most fibre hair loss concealers are made from either animal or artificial sources. Caboki has been created using all natural plant fibres, using the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceium plant, a form of cotton. These fibres are far more similar in form to real human hair, allowing for a true to life, natural looking finish. The fact that Caboki is plant-based also makes it ideal for those who lead a vegan lifestyle and prefer to avoid products containing animal ingredients.

The Gossypium Herbaceium fibres used in Caboki bind perfectly with your hair thanks to its negative charge, which forms close bonds with the positive charge of your hair. The resulting bond is up to 200% stronger than what you’ll find from a wool-based keratin fibre product. The close binds allow for a fuller look, rather than just creating a coloured concealer over bald areas. It also creates a stronger hold, so you won’t experience shedding in tough weather conditions or if you get hot and sweaty in the gym.

Thanks to the natural base of Caboki, it’s far more suited to sensitive scalps than competing products on the market. The itching, rashes and discomfort often associated with other fibre concealers is eliminated thanks to Caboki’s hypoallergenic formula.

Number 2. Nanogen

Nanogen is a hair concealing fibre product that’s quick and easy to apply, and creates natural looking, thicker hair. The product uses keratin fibres, based in wool, which do bind well, although they may not be as suited to sensitive scalps as Caboki. The fibres merge nicely in with natural strands of hair thanks to their electrostatic charges, creating an automatic thickening effect.

Nanogen’s packaging comes with a patented Kinetic metal strip, which allows the fibres to load up with charge before you apply them to your hair. This technology creates a strong bonding effect, resulting in a more natural look.

You can choose from several different colour options when you purchase Nanogen, with ten colours to suit any hair. The colours can also be blended to create the perfect match for you, or to create a highlighted appearance.

Number 3. Toppik

Like Nanogen, Toppik is also made with keratin fibres that combine with your own hair to create a thicker, fuller looking head of hair. You simply shake the product over any areas that are looking thin or balding, or where you’d like to get a fuller look, and the fibres intertwine with your natural hair through static electricity. The process is quick and easy, but some customers find that Toppik can be a tad messy. A spray applicator is available which can allow for neater application.

The Toppik hair fibre product isn’t quite as natural looking as Caboki or Nanogen, but as long as people aren’t come right up to your hair to take a close look, it’s fairly undetectable. At the end of the day you simply shampoo your hair to wash the Toppik fibres out, ready for re-application the next morning.

Number 4. Super Million

Super Million uses artificial fibres cut into tiny pieces to bind to your own hair to create a thicker appearance. These fibres aren’t natural or keratin-based, so this product probably wouldn’t be well suited to those with sensitive skin. Like Toppik, Super Million uses static electricity to bind the fibres to your hair, and the bond should be strong enough to last well through the day no matter what the weather is.

To apply Super Million, you sprinkle the fibres across your hair wherever you’d like it to look a little thicker. You then have to spray a binding mist over your hair to ensure that the particles bond together. The hard mist is necessary to complete the process, or the product won’t be as effective.

Number 5. Mane

The fibre hair loss concealer product from Mane has been scientifically developed to give you the appearance of a thicker head of hair. Like Super Million you apply Mane by shaking the artificial fibres over your thinning areas, comb and style and then complete the process by spraying Mane’s Seal and Shine over your hair to bind the fibres with your natural strands. The product is then rinsed out when you shampoo your hair. Be aware that this process can be a bit messy, as it can be difficult to aim the fibres at your balding areas without some flying around.

The Mane Hair Loss Fibres come in 11 different colour options, so you are able to pick the perfect shade to match your natural hair, as well as a Salt and Pepper blend shade for those who are just beginning to grey.

While not as effective or realistic looking as the superior brands like Caboki, The Mane product comes with a reasonable price tag, and can be a good way to begin experimenting with hair fibre solutions.