Hair loss fibres are the foundation of the Caboki hair loss system. These incredible fibres allow people with thinning hair to regain complete coverage once again, and the result when they are added to thinning hair is nothing short of amazing. But what exactly are these fibres?

Quick Overview of Hair Loss Fibres

Hair loss fibres are tiny particles that stick to the existing hair on a person’s head. When they are added in sufficient quantities, the thin hair is dramatically thickened leading to a fuller appearance in seconds.

Some unnatural products use hair loss fibres that require additional adhesives to be used so that the fibres stick to the hair. However, the most effective fibres are those that stick to the hair naturally and stay there. These natural fibres are the ones that are used in the Caboki system.

What are the Fibres Made From?

Many hair loss solutions use fibres made from wool. This seems like a good idea because wool is similar to hair, but the fibres actually require extra adhesives because they do not stick to the hair effectively due to having a positive electrical charge.

The hair loss fibres used in the Caboki system are different from other fibres on the market. They are made from a special plant called Gossypium Herbaceum, which comes from Morocco. This is a 100% natural fibre and is Nature’s solution to thinning hair. There are no synthetic materials or animal products used, and the fibres naturally stick to the hair without any extra adhesives because they are negatively charged.

How Do the Fibres Work?

The natural hair loss fibres in the Caboki system are negatively charged, as opposed to positively charged like wool, and as a result they stick to the hair without any extra adhesives required.

A small amount of hair is required for them to work effectively because the fibres stick to the strands of hair and make them look fuller, People with no hair cannot use these fibres because if there is no hair for the fibres to stick to they are not effective. However, even if only a very small amount of hair is present, Caboki can still be used very successfully.

How Long Do the Fibres Last?

Because the bond is so strong between the natural fibres used in the Caboki system and the hair that they stick to, the fibres have to be washed out using shampoo. Some other manmade products on the market fall off in the wind or during the night, making them very inconvenient. However, the natural hair loss fibres that are used in the Caboki system can stay attached to the hair for days until they are washed out.

Hair Loss Fibres: The Solution to Thinning Hair

These incredible hair loss fibres are the solution to thinning hair. Completely natural and super strong, they instantly create a full head of hair where before there were patches of scalp on display. The fibres in Caboki are a simple, natural, and incredibly effective treatment for thinning hair.