What is Caboki?

Caboki is a highly effective way to combat hair loss for both men and women. It provides an instant way for anyone to give themselves a new head of hair in just a few seconds without having to resort to chemicals, medicines, or surgery. It is quick, effective, and completely natural, making it one of the most popular hair-loss products available on the market today.

What is Caboki Made From?

Caboki is a completely natural product that harnesses the powers of Mother Nature to dramatically improve upon the synthetic alternatives currently available.

At the heart of the Caboki hair loss treatment is the plant from which the natural fibres are taken: Gossypium Herbaceum. This plant is only found in arid regions of Morocco, and it is a special variety of cotton that is absolutely ideal for the purpose of creating natural hair loss fibres.

In addition, the fibres naturally have a negative electrical charge. Human hair is positively charged, meaning when the fibres come into contact with the hair they naturally bond without the need for any glue or adhesives.

The reason that this plant is so effective is because its fibres have properties that are very similar to human hair, making treated hair look far more fibres than other alternatives.

Caboki hair building fibres

The fact that Caboki is an entirely natural product has a number of benefits. Many of the other similar products on the market contain synthetic fibres, preservatives, fillers, and dyes. These can often cause itchy scalps, rashes, and general discomfort when people use them.

Such problems are not an issue with Caboki because it is 100% natural. At the same time, when compared to unnatural competitors’ products, the bonding between the natural fibres and human hair is 200% stronger.

How Caboki Works

The Caboki hair loss product is remarkably simple to use, making it a highly effective solution for the problem of thinning hair.

It consists of a powder that is simply sprinkled onto the affected areas of the head. The negatively-charged fibres then naturally stick to the hair, providing the hair with a thicker, fuller appearance.

Users can simply sprinkle the powder onto their hair themselves in the mirror without any help, and the entire process takes no more than a few minutes at the most.

how to apply caboki

Natural Colour For Your Hair

Hair colour chart

Caboki is a completely natural product, and the colours are natural as well. Hair is coloured by nature after all, so it makes sense to use the powers of nature once again when colouring the hair.

It makes use of natural, mineral-based colours as opposed to artificial dyes, which look less natural and can be garish. The natural colour of the Gossypium Herbaceum plant is greyish white, and these natural colours are then added to create a more natural appearance for anyone using the Caboki product.

The fibres can be dyed with ease due to the plant’s micro structure, and colours such as iron oxides can then be used to create a wide range of colours.

Competitors’ products tend to use wool fibres, and these can be very difficult to dye. Wool initially needs to be processed with chemicals before being dyed using synthetic pigments. In contrast, Caboki relies on no such unnatural products, providing a more natural look for your hair.


There are numerous benefits of Caboki over the other hair-loss powders that are currently available on the market.

  • Looks completely natural
  • Lasts longer and is not affected by wind or rain
  • Does not stain or smear
  • Can be used on sensitive scalps because it is a natural product
  • Bonds securely to hair - no need for glue


Another problem with unnatural products is that they are simply not comfortable. People want their hair to look great, but at what price? Because of the cheap lab chemicals that are used within them, they do not work well and lead to itching and rashes that can become very uncomfortable. They also make the hair stiff, which looks unnatural.

In contrast, Caboki is incredibly comfortable and feels just like natural hair. It does not cause scalp problems so you can simply put it on and forget about it.


Hair colour chart

Many other hair-loss products on the market do not provide the same level of coverage because they are too fragile. Every day, you will have to go out into the wind and the rain, and you don’t want your hair fibres disappearing, blowing off or fading during the day.

Some of the other products even rub off in bed, leaving marks on the pillow and the face. As a result, they often have to be used alongside adhesive sprays to stick the fibres to the hair.

The problem with these fibres is that they are made from wool, which is too similar to hair. It carries a positive electrical charge, just like hair, and as a result the fibres and the hair repel each other and have to be forced to stick together.

Wool fibres also lead to problems when colouring the hair. Due to the weak bond with wool fibres, when you colour your hair the product tends to fall off and ends up colouring the scalp. This means that the hair looks dull and the results are disappointing.


Caboki is a great solution for people who are experiencing thinning of the hair and hair loss. Completely natural, highly effective, and very simple to use, it is the hair-loss product that you have been waiting for.