How to Use Caboki

Caboki is a revolutionary hair loss product that allows people with noticeably thinning hair to regain an appearance of thick, fulsome hair once again with very little effort. It does not enable hair to grow back, but instead it provides a way to drastically improve the appearance of thinning hair. If you have large patches of scalp visible through thinning hair, Caboki can be used to cover these up very effectively.

Here is a quick guide to how to use Caboki to create a full, thick head of hair once again.

Choose Your Colour

Caboki comes in a range of seven colours to ensure that you can find one that is suitable for your hair colour, and two colours can be combined if necessary.

To find out which colour of Caboki you need, look in a mirror and locate the root of your hair. Here you should be able to see the natural colour of your hair, and then you can simply choose the colour of Caboki that matches your own hair colour. If you are in doubt between two colours, it is usually a better option to choose the darker colour.

Caboki hair fibres color chart

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Style Your Hair Before Application

It is better to style your hair before you apply Caboki. You can still style it after you have applied the fibres using your hand or a wide-toothed comb, but this is mainly for shaping your hair rather than any major styling.

If you use a topical treatment such as Minoxidil then wait for your scalp to dry first, and if you use a hair gel then you should also apply this and wait for it to dry before using Caboki. Hair straighteners and styling irons should also be used beforehand, but if you use hairspray then this can be applied after you have applied Caboki.

Apply Caboki

The application process for Caboki is very easy and makes the product incredibly convenient to use. There is no need to go to an expensive specialist, and you can apply it yourself in minutes or even seconds.

The product arrives in a container and you simply have to apply the powder onto the affected areas and watch as your hair instantly becomes thicker and fuller.

You can do this yourself in front of a mirror, and the more you practice the quicker you will get so that soon you will simply be able to apply it at a moment’s notice.

Remove by Shampooing

The Caboki fibres can stay in your hair for up to a few days and they are able to withstand the weather. When you are ready to apply Caboki again, simply wash your hair with regular shampoo and the fibres will be removed from your hair instantly.

When Not to Use Caboki

Caboki is a cosmetic cover up for people with thinning hair. However, it does not work on people who are completely bald or have large areas without hair. This is because the fibres need to attach to the hair in order to give it a fuller appearance, so there has to be some hair to start with. Caboki should also not be used on any type of facial hair and is only suitable for the scalp.

How To Use Summary

  1. Caboki works best on thinning hair
  2. Don’t comb your hair after applying Caboki
  3. Stay away from rain and hats
  4. Avoid people touching your hair once you have applied. It may stick to peoples fingers
  5. Stay 1/4 inches clear from your frontal hairline when applying Caboki. For a more natural look
  6. You can’t use Caboki in the sauna or steam-room
  7. Do not inhale